Ellis has worked with individuals and groups across a broad spectrum of industries, large and small corporations, and not-for-profit organizations, with extensive experience in both corporate-sponsored and private counseling.



Job Search
• Research - online, library, etc.
• Resume
• Two-minute pitch
• Networking
    – Theory
    – Contact list development
    – Structure of networking/networking meetings
    – Alternative techniques
• Interviewing preparation
• Follow up to networking and interviews
• Negotiating 
• Managing the search - time, emotions, organization, discipline/consistency

• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
• Campbell Interest and Skill Survey
• CareerLeader
• Experience analysis
• Values clarification
• Targeting/Options
• Validation techniques/market research


“You gave me a terrific jolt of confidence. Thanks."
– Attendee at presentation

“I wanted to thank you for your guidance, support, and help throughout the process. This year has been the biggest roller coaster of my life and has certainly taken its toll on me in many ways, but it was always great to know I had a familiar voice on the other side to talk through and discuss my issues and concerns. Thanks so much."
– North Carolina sales professional

“What sets you apart is that you truly see people as individuals, and you DEFINITELY come across as more sincere in that belief than most other people.”
— Marketing professional

“You articulate with so much verve – and it’s contagious. Since our meeting, I have so much more of a positive outlook on my career – probably the best I’ve had in months."
– Financial services product development specialist

“You really saved my skin. You can quote me on that, too.”
— Law firm administrative manager

“Thanks to you, I landed with a private equity group recently. You were correct; I needed some tweaking in my approach to find new opportunities. Your coaching and process of connecting with individuals to find hidden opportunities was the solution that worked for me. With a lot of hard work, I reached out repeatedly and now I am a Partner with a growing group. I cannot thank you enough.”
— Private equity professional

“Yes, we sure did go through quite an adventure. I cannot thank you enough for all your good advice and counsel during this dramatic change in my career/life. I really feel I went through a “baptism of fire” with this high drama negotiating.”
— NJ institutional sales professional

“Ellis, I’ve been dying to send you an email…I’m so glad you feel I made a good decision. I feel really good about it…finally! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help, support, solid thinking, and encouragement. I could not have gotten here without it. You are the perfect coach – you are totally smart, experienced, and savvy, with high expectations for moving forward and complete support with humor and kindness at all turns. Who could ask for more! I finally did it! I’VE LANDED! Yeah!”
— Chicago investment banker

“My search was always a ‘part time search’ due to my current job. My target was to make my move in a 12-24 month time frame. It ended up being 9-10. The more progress I made in my search, the more excited I became about reaching my target and the easier it became to keep my search time sacred – I ended up with THREE very interesting opportunities and a few weeks later, I had two offers on the same day.”
— Ohio sales executive

“Sifting through all of the work-related details (both small and large) can be very difficult, and the advice you provided me with was always thoughtful and sound. I also appreciate your patience with me during the times when I was an obsessing pain in the ass and the fact that you always made yourself available to me when I needed you. I am truly grateful to you.”
— NYC hedgefund analyst