Ellis Chase is author of In Search of The Fun Forever Job and Career Strategies That Work: Networking. As an experienced career management consultant, he is a sought-after speaker, known for his ability to connect with and motivate his audiences. Whether he’s talking to large groups or individuals, whether the subject is individual career development or executive coaching, his energetic style and years of experience in private practice, consulting firms, universities, and corporations get results.  

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“Sincere thanks for all of your encouragement, cajoling, cheering, and thoughtful advice and suggestions. I understand now that coaching is an art. I wish I’d known about you a year ago!”

— Competitive marketing research analyst

"I am always super charged after speaking with you and after hearing you speak - thank you for a dynamic, informative and "tell it like it is" presentation.  Students LOVE you."  

Director of Career Management, Executive MBA Programs and Alumni, Cornell/S.C. Johnson School of Management

"Ellis, or the Advisor to the Advisors, thanks for all you do to keep the EMBA students well cared for - as a master presenter, coach, programmer, all in one.  And, I personally have benefited from your counsel."  

-Sr. Associate Dean and Sr. Managing Director, Career Management Center, Columbia Business School

"Thanks again for everything.  I know you always tell me that "this is my job," but you go above and beyond to help me out.  Without your help, I would be the proverbial blind squirrel looking for a nut.  You have been a tremendous resource, a source of support, and a sounding board for my constant neurosis.  I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy speaking with you.  I owe you...big time!"

-Finance professional in transition

“I need to thank you again for setting me on this road. I’ve just moved my practice to another firm. BigLaw looks very different when you walk in the door with a nice fat book of business. I would not have made it to this place without your encouragement and sage advice. Thank you.

-Law Partner in major firm