Ellis’ consulting practice is based in Manhattan.

At Right Management Consultants, Ellis was a Managing Director at the Northern New Jersey office.

As a Human Resources Officer with The Chase Manhattan Bank, Ellis first worked in manpower planning, and developed career mobility programs for employees. Subsequently, he was responsible for staffing the systems and data processing areas of the Bank, and later managed the recruiting function for a national data processing consulting firm.

Ellis was an instructor at New York University's Center for Career, Education, and Life Planning for 19 years, and was a retained consultant with Columbia Business School's Executive MBA Career Management Center, as well as Alumni Relations Career Management, for 15 years.  He has also consulted at several other colleges and universities, in addition to executive advising, and learning and development with many corporations and non-profits throughout his career.  

Mr. Chase has appeared on CNBC and CNN, several radio programs; he also wrote extensively for Vault.com and Five O’Clock Club.com. He was a senior advisor with The Five O'Clock Club for 21 years. 

Mr. Chase holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in English and Secondary Education, both from New York University.