An easy-to-follow how to guide on how to make the contacts you need to get the job you want.

In addition to gaining a better understanding of what networking really is, you’ll learn how to conquer your fears and improve your chances of success.
This guide shows you

  • How to put together a contact list
  • How to approach people on that list 
  • What to say in an email or phone call 
  • What questions to ask 
  • How to follow up
  • How to measure your success

As one reviewer said about Ellis's book, In Search of the Fun-Forever Job: 

An Honest and Helpful Resource
One of the first things you will discover about job searches/career changes is that Mr. Chase does not pull any punches. He is honest—at times brutally honest—about what is involved in finding a new job or transitioning to a new career. But in my mind that is what makes this book a valuable resource for anyone undertaking to find a new job in this still very uncertain job market. John Chancellor "Mentor coach" 

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What readers are saying . . .

Smart networking strategies and an entertaining read 
"Ellis Chase brings his many years of experience, straightforward and strategic insights as well as a sense of humor to deliver really accessible and actionable networking advice suitable for both born extroverts and those introverts among us too!!" 

Ellis Chase is at it again 
"Mr. Chase uses his 20+ years of career management experience to outline seriously smart strategies for networking. Though the strategies are sophisticated, he writes in such a way that they are easy for anyone -- those just starting a career or those in more senior positions -- to follow.

"As a client of Mr. Chase's who has repeatedly benefited from his emphasis on developing connections relating to ones career, I can personally attest to the success of the tactics he writes about: navigating LinkedIn, understanding the importance of human relationships, keeping doors open and keeping in touch, among many, many others.

"Anyone who feels overwhelmed by the business world or who just wants to put their best foot forward, should buy this book. An absolute must read!!!"

Not rocket science but common sense 
"He is not giving advice to be followed only by aggressive people but for anyone. The main idea that could summarize the whole book: Networking is not about begging for a job but about shared interests."