Salary Websites

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Occupational Employment Statistics surveys broad employer surveys that will give basic comp information about various fields, and differentiate between regions of the US. 

Career – General comp information about a wide variety of industry sectors and jobs within them. Also provides views from employees about companies (although I think these tend to be inaccurate and skewed - frequently these comments are dominated by the unhappy employees who vent). 

Careers in Business – General business areas, jobs, salaries, and employee opinions (for skeptical commentary about this latter aspect, see above).

Economic Research Institute – Salary surveys based on title and industry. Be careful here, in that titles have wide variance from industry to industry and even company to company within the same industry. – The best known of all the salary websites. Employee reviews (again, don’t take these too seriously), and salary details about specific jobs for various employers. – Salary trends among sustainability professionals.

Higher Ed Jobs Salary – Salary trends reported by HR professionals in academia. – Another very well known salary site. Wide-ranging; look for “salary” on the bottom of the cover page and click through.

Job Star Salary Guide – Comp surveys by profession.

Money Magazine/New York Times – Methods (cost of living calculations) to figure out salary differentials between different regions of the country.

Professionals for Non-Profits – Annual Salary Survey Report for nonprofit positions, mostly in Northeast US. – “Salary wizard” will give a free base salary, bonus, and benefit report based on job title and location.

Wall Street Journal – Salary and hiring information.

Workforce Management – Comp trends and research tools. - calculating cost of living differences in various geographic regions (