Who needs another job search book?

That’s what we at Bacon Press Books asked ourselves before we decided to publish In Search of the Fun-Forever Job by Ellis Chase. After all, if you click on Google and ask for job search, you’ll get  “About 2,590,000,000″ results. Seriously. Do the same on Amazon and you’ll find “34,934 Results.” So another book on job search? Really?

Yes. Because it’s fresh and funny and not like anything else out there. No one-size-fits-all prescriptions for what you must do if you’re ever going to find a new job or make a career move. No exhortations to try to be someone other than yourself in order to network. No rosy-colored picture of how easy it will be if you only follow certain steps.

Ellis Chase knows what he’s talking about, from his own experience as a job seeker, and from the more the 25 years he’s spent helping clients and students find jobs that fit their personal style. So he’s able to cut through all the clueless clutter and write about what really works.

Will reading the book guarantee you can move into the job of your dreams? In this tough economic climate, can anyone or anything make that kind of guarantee? Probably not.  But his engaging, informal style and his common sense suggestions make ISO The Fun-Forever Job worth adding to that bulging bookshelf.

Plus it’s got a really great cover.