New Year's Resolution Special - eBook only $0.99 for two weeks

Look at the list of the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions and “Get a better job” usually falls in the top five. Sometimes it’s there under “Spend more time with friends and family.” Or “Enjoy life more.” Or even “Save more money.” And of course there’s “Be less stressed.”

I hear you. That’s why I wanted to offer In Search of the Fun-Forever Job: Career Strategies that Work for only 99 cents the first two weeks of 2014.

January is a great time to start reassessing your career. Whether you’re in a job now or are already looking, this is a good month to take stock. 
Have you found a career that suits you? Are you working in an organization where you feel you can contribute and succeed? Is there still something missing in your resume that’s keeping you from getting the kind of job you really want? Have you always taken the easy way out and answered ads rather than build networks?

In Search of the Fun-Forever Job covers it all. As one reviewer put it: “For anyone who desires a better job or who is currently unemployed, this is the book you don't want to pass up.”

Happy New Year and good luck with your search.